Nos solutions : Yacht

By adopting ServiceBip™ and making a device available to each member of the crew, passengers will be able to easily contact the person who can serve them or provide them with information. Whether they want to order a cocktail on deck, ask for the daily menu, have a blanket brought to them or get information […]


Service Bip Applications : piscine

Your customers will be able to call a server from the poolside with a simple press, and even in the water thanks to the fact that the buttons are waterproof. No need to move around, just a simple press and the cocktail will come to you. Servers will no longer have to go back and […]

Residential villas

Service Bip Applications : villas résidentielles

Calling the villa manager or a service employee is very simple. No more need to travel, a simple press and a member of the team, housekeeper, gardener or any other staff, wherever they are in the property will receive the call and can come to see you or your guests. More efficient, faster service and […]


Service Bip Applications : bar

Your customers will be able to call a server to their table simply by pressing a button. To place, modify an order, or request the bill, ServiceBip™ is a quick and practical system to offer better service to your customers. Staff gain mobility while providing friendly service and remaining responsive to any request.   ServiceBip™ […]


Service Bip Applications : traiteur

By adopting ServiceBip™ and making a device available to each member of their team, caterers will be able to stay in touch at all times and ensure impeccable service to their guests. You discreetly ensure that they do not lack anything and if this is inopportunely the case, that you can remedy it quickly with […]


Service Bip Applications : boite de nuit

If you want to provide top-notch service to your customers and make them feel special. ServiceBip™ is the perfect device. Both discreet and practical, it will allow more efficient and faster service in the night atmosphere where it is sometimes difficult to call a server because of the crowd and the noise. A simple press […]


Service Bip Applications : plage

Your customers will be able to call a waiter at the beach by pressing the ServiceBip™ button. When your customers are on vacation on their deck chair, not having to travel is a significant luxury. Waiters will no longer have to go back and forth between the beach and the bar: the completely waterproof beeps […]


Service Bip Applications : cuisine

ServiceBip™ contributes to better organization of the restaurant team by considerably improving communication between the kitchens and the service team. Kitchens will be able to directly notify servers to speed up service due to the reduction in time to eat meals.   ServiceBip™ is an ideal call button for use in the kitchen. It will […]


Service Bip Applications : copropriété

You manage a co-ownership and want to ensure permanent service efficiency for your co-owners and tenants. They can easily call on a manager of the co-ownership so that small daily problems can be quickly resolved. The co-ownership manager will be much freer in his movements within the building, knowing that he can be easily contacted […]


Service Bip Applications : casino

Your customers can call a waiter or the dealer with a simple press of the button. The player can remain totally focused on his game. Staff gain mobility while providing impeccable service at all times.   ServiceBip™ is a call button particularly suited to situations where the player is in an important phase of the […]