ServiceBip™ will contribute to better management of your service.

  • ServiceBip™ contributes to better organization of the restaurant team by considerably improving communication between the kitchens and the service team.
  • Kitchens will be able to directly notify servers to speed up service due to the reduction in time to eat meals.


ServiceBip™ is an ideal call button for use in the kitchen. It will help to act as a link between the kitchen and the restaurant team to save time when the restaurant is crowded.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

By simply pressing a button, kitchen staff can call a waiter or head waiter. No more waiting for long minutes while letting customers’ dishes cool. Your kitchen is precise and thanks to ServiceBip™ the service will also be precise for perfect timing for the benefit of the customer.

Service Bip Cabinet 2

Thanks to a watch or a screen that reacts when needed, servers, waiters and cooks will be able to communicate more quickly to be more efficient. The kitchen will be able to notify you of the availability of dishes in real time. Any changes to dishes or cancellations will be made without incident. The kitchen will also be able to indicate whether a hot dish or a cold dish is ready.

The ServiceBip™ system works via radio frequency, without installation, and the watch will light up with each command.

Your restaurant will gain in quality of service and your kitchen in efficiency

  • Requests are stored in a row and stored (up to 10 commands stored).
  • You will offer customers an optimal culinary experience with dishes served as quickly as possible.
  • Technology is put at the service of the kitchen and will increase your turnover thanks to faster services.


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