ServiceBip™ Videos

Find here the videos of ServiceBip™, the wireless calling system

iTele Video Report: “Reinforced video surveillance in Nice"

Queue management for restaurants, snack bars

ServiceBip Direct™ Video

ServiceBip HealthCare™ Video

ServiceBip Distri™ Video

Mister Bip Video

ServiceSOS™ anti-steering button

ServiceSOS™ anti-theft alert

ServiceSOS™ alert button for Cote d’Azur Habitat

ServiceSOS™ anti-aggression alarm

ServiceBip™ for the Silver Economy

Video of using ServiceBip™ at WaterBike

ServiceBip™ report on France 3

ServiceBip™ Plage-Resto Video

ServiceBip™ report on France Bleu

ServiceBip™ report on Nice Télévision

ServiceBip™ report on Radio RTL2 France