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The wireless calling system
...that brings you closer

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by ServiceBip™

Our camera systems
video surveillance and emergency call

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PPMS ServiceLight™

Attack Alert

More than 900 municipalities and schools use the PPMS ServiceLight™ solution

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An effective and peaceful solution

BipTM service adapts to you according to your needs

Service Bip une_solution_efficace
Service Bip une_solution_efficace

You decide...

the location

Fixed or Mobile

Several types of beeper receivers are available to make your tasks easier. The receiver – ServiceWatch™ watch or one of the ServiceScreen™ screen receivers which exist in 2 or 3 digits to best suit your needs.

the features

1, 2 or 3 types of messages

Need assistance, from a seller, from a colleague, to cancel the request; digital or light receiver, fixed or mobile. The configuration is simple and is done during installation. We remain available for any need for assistance in the evolution.

About Us


Advanced technology

A team dedicated to research and development to offer products that are always at the forefront of technology and user expectations.


The meaning of service
The taste for innovation


A team serving its customers at all stages of the purchasing process up to the installation of the equipment and its after-sales service.

What brings us together

ServiceBip™ is the leader in developing wireless location services, offering a simple and effective solution for hotels, restaurants, beaches, casinos, spas, supermarkets, golf courses, clinics, homes . retirement, businesses, etc.

In any customer area, place the ServiceBip™ wherever you want. Anyone needing a service can contact you.


Put ServiceWatch™ on your wrist. As soon as a customer presses the “Call” or “Addition” button, you are directly informed on the ServiceWatch™. A number is displayed depending on the settings you want and remembers the last 10 calls. Cancel on the watch or on the Beep once the service is complete.

In EHPADs, call buttons reassure residents and help service staff. In gyms, coaches can take care of several people without having to constantly monitor them. In the departments of supermarkets, the call buttons are used to call the manager of the department concerned. The catering pager is the perfect tool to pamper your customers.

Efficiency is our priority

Quality after-sales service

Our products are guaranteed for 1 year and exchanged within 48 hours in the event of a material defect. Our after-sales service is available to you 5/7, by telephone and by e-mail, in French, English and Spanish.

100% Satisfied

With ServiceBip, you gain in efficiency and peace of mind: useful and effective contact. Our team will be at your side to provide you with advice and make your daily life easier by using ServiceBip.

12 months

1 year guarantee

5 days

Telephone support


Satisfaction guaranteed


French support


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