Sports Clubs

ServiceBip™ will contribute to better management of your service.

Very present in many fitness centers, ServiceBip™ essentially allows three types of actions:

1. Customer reception at the counter:

The absence of reception staff is quite common in sports clubs, due to the numerous mobile tasks that fall to the person in charge of welcoming the public.

However, the quality of reception and speed of support are essential for any gym wishing to gain market share. Indeed, there are many potential requests to reception which remains the point of contact between customers and the fitness room (subscription request, purchase of equipment, various information, etc.)

The ServiceBip™ call system thus reassures customers that their request will be handled quickly, with the call button placed at the counter making it easy to alert the hostess on her watch receiver.

2. Reporting of various locker room/sanitary problems:

Many fitness centers have equipped themselves with the ServiceBip™ system to signal problems in changing rooms, toilets, saunas, etc.

Any problem relating to these premises can thus be dealt with quickly (malfunctions, toilet paper, etc.).

3. Personalization of the service between the coach and his student:

  • The sports coach can help his student and give him relevant advice, because the latter can call him at the appropriate time, even if he is not within his reach. This results in working comfort, whether for the coach or his student.
  • The student will have more freedom and will be able to discreetly call their coach when the exercise is finished, in case of doubt or need for advice.

ServiceBip™ is a wireless call button particularly suitable for sports halls where coaches must be available and manage several students at once. With a simple press of a button, it allows you to make a discreet and effective call to obtain instructions and not waste time between each exercise.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

Thanks to ServiceBip™, the student discreetly calls their coach when necessary. He receives an alert which vibrates his watch and identifies the student who is calling. The alert remains discreet and lends itself completely to the world of fitness rooms.

Service Bip Cabinet

The coach can organize himself fluidly and give instructions to his student at the appropriate time.
The ServiceBip™ calling system works via radio frequency, without installation, and is completely mobile. The trainer can therefore continue to move throughout the gym without fearing a lack of communication with his student.

A device as practical as it is sporty

  • Thanks to its wireless operation over nearly 300 meters, the ServiceBip™ beeper allows you to maintain great freedom of movement, both for reception staff and personalized coaches.

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