ServiceBip™ will contribute to better management of your service.

  • Your customers will be able to call a server by pressing a simple button on our server pager.
  • To place, modify an order, or even request the bill, ServiceBip™ is a quick and practical calling system to offer the best service to your customers.
  • Staff gain mobility while providing impeccable service at all times. The kitchen, bar or even security can have their own ServiceBip™ transmitter call buttons to communicate directly with the server.


ServiceBip™ is a wireless call beep particularly suitable for restaurants to provide special and personalized attention to customers even when the restaurant is full.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

By simply pressing a call beeper clients can call a server. No more waiting for long minutes to get bread or salt.

The ServiceScreen™ receiver screen will improve teamwork. Several people will be able to follow all calls and the server will be able, for example, to send an alert to the cash register, using the € button, to request the bill. The bill can thus be ready even before the waiter arrives at the cash register.

Service Bip Cabinet 2

Thanks to the ServiceWatch™ receiver, butlers, waiters, and other runners will be able to communicate more quickly to increase efficiency. The kitchen will be able to warn of the availability and type of dishes (hot or cold) in real time and will no longer risk seeing unhappy customers because of food arriving cold. The system will receive requests from both customers and colleagues on one centralized device.

The ServiceBip™ system operates on radio frequency, without installation, and their transmitters are completely waterproof.

Your restaurant will gain in quality of service

  • You will offer your customers unparalleled comfort and a unique service experience.
  • ServiceBip™ will increase the average ticket by reducing dead waiting time. Better organization, better customer service: this will be reflected in the turnover of your restaurant and the tips of your servers.


Many restaurants have trusted us, why not you?

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