School Safety

ServiceBip™ will contribute to better management of your service.

ServiceLight™ allows you to visualize a call or a need by displaying colors: Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, White, Cyan, the sound can be deactivated if necessary.

A simple press of a button will activate one or more ServiceLight™.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

The Service Light™ works with our ServiceBip™ DUO or TRIO call buttons, simply press the call button to activate the ServiceLight™(s), possibility to choose between sound and light (Silent alert or sound) or both. This product is ideal to indicate that we do not want to be disturbed or to warn of a need. PPMS

Service Bip Cabinet

Use :
The ServiceLight™ allows you to send an alert audibly or silently when needed using a ServiceBip™ wireless call button. It allows you to alert the people of your choice discreetly or audibly depending on your needs.

A vital device for emergency situations

The main sectors of activity concerned are the administration and national education sector (nurseries, schools, middle schools, high schools, etc.), associations, public establishments (administrations, town halls, etc.), the catering and catering sector. the hotel industry

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