ServiceBip™ will contribute to better management of your service.

  • You no longer waste time scouring the entire company looking for a colleague or your manager for an important signing.
  • You will be able to call a manager or technician without having to leave your workstation in the event of a machine breakdown or to have an adjustment checked.


ServiceBip™ is a call button that can be placed on a machine tool or near a key location, allowing the operator to call directly (and without leaving their station) a technician or engineer in case of doubt about a instruction or an urgent problem with a machine.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

With a ServiceBip™ button, available to each employee, no more time wasted running after your manager to resolve an urgent problem or for a simple clarification on a document. In the event of an incident, a simple press of the ServiceBip™ wireless call button will allow each person equipped with the device to effectively alert a manager. Supervision will be much simpler and efficiency in the production chain will be affected.

Service Bip Cabinet 2

Thanks to an alert sent directly to the receiver screen and/or receiver watch, the production manager is immediately informed that his assistance is required. Production stoppages will be greatly reduced.

In addition, the ServiceBip™ system operates via radio frequency, without installation, and is completely mobile.

ServiceBip™ is an essential management support tool.

  • ServiceBip™ is easy to use and will allow you to act quickly to avoid downtime.
  • The manager will no longer need to be present constantly, and will be able to attend to other activities.


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