ServiceBip™ will contribute to better management of your service.

By adopting ServiceBip™ and making a device available to each member of the crew, passengers will be able to easily contact the person who can serve them or provide them with information. Whether they want to order a cocktail on deck, ask for the daily menu, have a blanket brought to them or get information about the next stopover and what they can discover.

Crew members will remain in contact at all times and will be able to provide impeccable service to passengers and their guests.

You ensure that your passengers do not miss anything or that they are remedied quickly with the utmost professionalism.

ServiceBip™ is a call button perfectly suited for passengers to take full advantage of their deckchair and the view of the sea, feeling completely on vacation with attentive comfort.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

By pressing the ServiceBip™ button, passengers call a staff member for service while lying quietly on the deck of the boat. Undeniable comfort. No need to interrupt a tanning session to go get something to refresh yourself.

The ServiceBip™ device is completely waterproof, you can easily keep it in your swimming shorts, without fear of forgetting it in case you decide to dive into the water.

Service Bip Cabinet 2

Thanks to a watch receiver (ServiceWatch™) that sounds and/or vibrates, crew members will be instantly notified of requests, wherever they are on the boat.

The ServiceBip™ system operates by radio frequency and up to 200 meters in the open field. With an amplifier, the signal can be extended to 2km. It will thus easily cover the entire boat.

A vital device for emergency situations

ServiceBip will bring you maximum comfort in terms of requests for on-board services with the greatest simplicity in calling a member of the crew.

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