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Interview UPE06 Stéphane MARCHISIO, Business Developer


Resumption of the entire interview given by Stéphane MARCHISIO, Business Developer of NICE SOLUTIONS, also available on the UPE06 website.

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”22px”][vc_column_text]Hello Stéphane, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Of course, my name is Stéphane Marchisio and I am 37 years old. After several cycles of life abroad, a return to the PACA region in 2013 became natural in my professional development.

I am a Business Developer associated with NICE SOLUTIONS, responsible in particular for ensuring rapid and sustainable development of our activities on 5 continents. Coming from a commercial, marketing and legal background, I am part of a global approach to wealth creation within our organization, by anticipating the slightest opportunities and instilling my spirit of conquest.

My fields of intervention are diverse but my primary mission is to find new growth levers by being a real force of proposal for the company. My priority is the development of our business flow, whether this is generated directly (customer acquisition, new products), or indirectly (communication, marketing, etc.).

What is your business?

Today, almost everyone uses their smartphone on a daily basis. However, it should be noted that within many professional uses its use remains contraindicated for various reasons (regulatory, safety, hygiene, practicality, concentration of staff, etc.). In addition, the phone has the disadvantage of sometimes random network coverage.

NICE SOLUTIONS works with professionals who are looking for simple and independent call solutions to respond to sometimes delicate business issues, or simply to comply with new legal obligations. The uses are therefore very varied in equally heterogeneous sectors of activity, which of course presents extremely rich commercial potential.

Beyond the commercial aspect, however, it is important to note that NICE SOLUTIONS has become a true European expert in customer service and on-site operational communication. By this I mean that it is not uncommon for key account decision-makers to rely entirely on our value proposition, even if it is still in development while deadlines continue to run. ..

What does your daily life look like?

I’m sort of the eye of the market. My daily life essentially boils down to constant exchanges with our end customers and with our sales force (internal, distribution network, resellers, prescribers, etc.), for which I set up appropriate marketing communication channels. Another part of my time is devoted to discussions with our R&D department (new needs, product improvements, various partnerships, etc.).

Generally speaking, I take charge of any file whose commercial and/or marketing outcome presents a substantially interesting potential for our organization. Managing large accounts requires an adapted approach strategy and very specific skills. I am also responsible for NICE SOLUTIONS’ communication through the regular provision of web content aimed as much at developing our brand image as at working on our SEO. Then I take care of files relating to competitions or media events.

When necessary, I use my legal skills to develop or reorganize current contracts (customers, sales force, partners), which also periodically punctuates my daily life. We are always inclined to find new synergies with local partners whose contractual relationships must be formalized in a very responsive manner, since these are sometimes urgent requests from large groups, with deadlines to respect…

I believe that an effective way to perform well in a company is to master all the stages of its value chain as best as possible, including those furthest from its original competence. For this reason, I am part of a constant dynamic of cross-functional exchange throughout the day. Corporate culture for me is very important, it strengthens the identity cohesion of an organization. It is also a performance lever, by definition, which cannot be externalized.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”22px”][vc_column_text]

Who are your customers and why do they use you?

Our clients today are major accounts, communities, brand networks, manufacturers, traditional businesses, and even liberal professions. The typology of our portfolio is therefore very broad! We have developed strong legitimacy with each of these groups of contacts with different purchasing practices because they know that we simply respond to their needs, and that our expertise has been proven both in France and internationally.

Analyzing more closely by sector of activity, communities (municipalities) represent the largest share, since our attack-intrusion beepers equip many school premises in France. The liberal activities of practitioners (dentists, veterinarians) are in high demand for our solutions from an “assistant call” perspective. The HORECA (service personnel call), industry (employee call), logistics (customer call), and Health (nurse call) sectors complete the panel of our direct customers.

Inbound and outbound marketing are often wrongly contrasted, but these two strategies are perfectly complementary! Our current success is notably the result of an optimal balance between these two techniques which feed our pipeline with a sufficient number of leads (qualified or cold) to work on. On the one hand, prospects call on us thanks to our content, and on the other hand we are part of a proactive approach which aims to seek out the future customer. Inbound to attract and outbound to conclude!

You have just been selected for CES Las Vegas 2019, congratulations! What are you going to present?

Yes, this is excellent news, since we were selected among the 1000 best startups in the world in 2019 to present our new Pliiz™ service next January!

Completely free for the consumer, Pliiz™ is a mobile application (App store, Google Play) which allows users to quickly contact the staff of a brand, a point of sale or a service establishment (hotel, restaurant , spa, etc.) by scanning a Pliiz™ code available. With a simple click on their smartphone, the consumer calls a member of staff, who immediately informs them that their call has been received (acknowledgment) and that their assistance is imminent.

This step is important in the life of our company, since this selection at the largest high-tech show in the world validates a scalable evolution of our product offering, through a digitalization strategy. And this with markets that are already identified by our commercial background. Our company presents both the strong growth potential of a startup, while benefiting from a solid commercial base specific to an SME, which makes our hybrid profile particularly attractive for investors, with whom we plan to establish closer ties. this fall to accelerate our development![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Find out more:

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