Borne Solaire SOS

Solar SOS terminal! After Nice, Fréjus…


Once again, Nice Solutions, a French company, is innovating in terms of attack prevention.

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Autonomous Solar SOS terminals 24/7

It is since 2016 and following the unfortunate attacks at the Bataclan, that the company Nice Solutions has been contacted by the city of Nice for the security of Nice traders (See article).

After the ServiceSOS™ boxes and the SOS Solar Terminals developed by Nice Solutions, other cities wanted to follow the idea of ​​the Mayor of the City of Nice, Christian Estrosi, to strengthen citizen security.

To adapt to small communities that have a tight budget, Nice Solutions now offers solar SOS terminals and therefore simplified installation!

Solicited by numerous municipalities, the company based in

Nice has become aware of the budgetary problem that cities often face. In fact, the costs associated with the installation of such systems often require digging trenches, pulling electrical lines, etc.

A ready-to-use Solar SOS Terminal.

The terminal is made up of a weather-resistant aluminum pole and an intercom that runs on solar energy and a backup battery. Guaranteed battery life of 15 days without sunlight. The terminal works on any 4G network and has many options available.

The city of Fréjus deploys a first series of SOS terminals

☎️ Emergency call terminals installed in the city of Fréjus
✅ They are used to call for help in the event of an accident on public roads, an attack, theft or in any emergency situation.
✅ They are connected to the municipal police and 112 in order to alert the police and emergency services as quickly as possible..
✅ They are added to the already existing security system in the city and are connected to the Urban Supervision Center (CSU) and video surveillance cameras.
✅ They make it possible to gain in responsiveness, directly connecting the citizen to the law enforcement service.
✅ They liaise with local patrols.
✅ They are installed in the Base nature sector and at the Senegalese tirailleurs roundabout, in Fréjus-plage. 3 others in Port-Fréjus, at the Arènes and at the Roman Theater. 4 others in strategic locations in the city.
👮 An important additional security device given the increase in population, particularly during the summer season

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