ServiceBip™ will contribute to better management of your service.

By adopting ServiceBip™ and making a device available to each member of their team, caterers will be able to stay in touch at all times and ensure impeccable service to their guests.
You discreetly ensure that they do not lack anything and if this is inopportunely the case, that you can remedy it quickly with the greatest professionalism.
Even if the location and theme change for each event, thanks to ServiceBip™, the efficiency of your team will never be called into question.

ServiceBip™ is designed so that servers or head waiters are directly informed of a guest’s request without having to constantly observe the room(s).

What could be more natural for a caterer than to highlight the quality of their service while optimizing their time.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

When a client wishes to call a server, all they need to do is press the wireless call button so that the server’s watch receiver displays a signal specifying the client’s location and the type of request so that it can be made. be satisfied as quickly as possible.
Although most of the time the servers try to do their best, customers often spend long minutes trying to call a server, scanning the room in the hope of seeing a waiter with some frustration. .

Service Bip Cabinet 2

ServiceBip™ is the win/win service for everyone.

The ServiceBip™ system operates on radio frequency, without installation, and is completely mobile.

An extra touch of professionalism.

ServiceBip™ will reinforce your sense of service to your customers. They will have plenty of time to enjoy your cooking and will have a great time without waiting or interruption.

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